Native to the Desert of Bleached Bone, thri-kreen live communally and always seek the course of action which will benefit the group before the individual. Thri-kreen society is stratified with the hive at the top, followed by the clan, the pack, the clutch, and finally the individual at the bottom. The hive contains all thri-kreen in Istria . It is made up of clans, groups of thri-kreen who are united by their residence in a specific region of Istria. Clans are divided into packs, groups of thri-kreen who live together. Packs typically consist of around 100 thri-kreen. Packs are further divided into clutches, groups of thri-kreen who were born in the same month. Clutches typically consist of 4-7 individuals.

Notable Thri-KreenEdit