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The initial cast of The Hand and the Eye enjoy a game.


Was a campaign played from June 2010- September 2010. It is notable for being the first game DMed by Chris Dadabo and the first game played in the world of Istria.


Chris Dadabo as the Dungeon Master

Joe Dadabo as Gringor

Tony Dadabo as Ianmorn Silverclaw and Arbor Redtooth

Bob Juranek as Ispowon and Vennerzad

John Juranek as Vidrio Manchado

Vinit Shah as Elyshathe


The story began in Glidden, late in the month of Mne in the year 225 DA with the adventurers being hired by Yannis to discover why the local elves have begun violent raids on passing migrant caravans. The characters invaded an elf base and discovered texts relating to the Orb of Light, the Hand of Vecna, and the Eye of Vecna.

They were then led deep into the Wraithlands to the Labyrinth of Crimson Death, where the Orb of Light was supposed to be located. There they discovered that the orb had been captured by a horde of gnolls taking residence in an abandoned keep at Barudna. The gnolls had been skirmishing with the townspeople of Itzutu, who hired the adventurers to destroy them. The party slaughtered the gnolls, recovered the orb, and were heading back to Glidden when they discovered strange tracks in the dirt.

Following the tracks, they discovered the Hand of Vecna and after fighting a wraith, claimed it for themselves. They returned to Glidden and gave both the hand and the orb to the local Mages Guild to study, however, the guild was soon attacked by a band of doppelgangers. In the ensuing battle deep within the guild's vault of magic objects the party unleashed a chaotic storm of magic when they knocked over all the shelves containing the magic artifacts (resulting in the nearest monastery to be destroyed by a meteor and one of the moons to become a cube ).

The adventurers recovered the artifacts and set out on their final journey to the Tomb of Horrors to destroy the source of the corruption. After fighting their way to the depths of the tomb, they met and defeated the demilich Acererak, who was in possession of the Eye of Vecna. The evil force was banished from the land and late in the month of Eyimi the adventurers went their separate ways.