(Left to Right) Darrak, Rune, Nehem, Claudiu, Gunnar, Bane


The Desert Darkness was a campaign played during the summer of 2011. Set in Darksand Desert, players were encouraged to build a character whose power source is either Divine or Shadow, as the relationship between light and darkness was a theme of the campaign. It is notable for being the first campaign DMed by John Juranek.


John Juranek as the Dungeon Master

Chris Dadabo as Gunnar

Joe Dadabo as Bane Kelnozz

Tony Dadabo as Nehem

Brian Hess as Rune

Sean Hansen as Darrak Silvertarn

Bob Juranek as Claudiu Ionel


Darksand Desert is experiencing an unnatural night. The desert region should normally be lit constanlty by Istria's two suns, but something had plunged the desert into darkness. Meanwhile, early in the month of Mne in the year 225 DA something goes wrong on The Great Migration...