Vital statistics
Type Parallel Plane
Nicknames The Dark Mirror
Location The Planes
Gloom The Shadowfell mutes light sources, reducing the radius illuminated by 50 percent. Magical light sources are unaffected.
Shadow Races Shadar-kai, Shades

The Shadowfell is a parallel dimension to Istria. It is notable for its darkness which mutes all nonmagical light sources, as well as being the dominion of The Raven Queen. Shadar-kai are native to the Shadowfell.


Gloomwrought, City of MidnightEdit

Letherna, Realm of the Raven QueenEdit

The House of Black LanternsEdit

Moil, The City That WaitsEdit

Nightwyrm FortressEdit

The Plain of Sighing StonesEdit

The ShadowdarkEdit