A young Ravaella


Born in 192 DA to the High King of Elvenkind, Princess Ravaella Forgedawn was rasied to be a prim and proper politician in the hopes that she might someday erase the bad name of feykind within Istria's Natural World. She met the love of her life, Darrak Silvertarn, in 216 DA. The two wed in 221 DA, but out of obligation to his orphaned sister, Darrak left in 224. The two were reunited during the events of The Desert Darkness, and they renewed their marital vows. After the events of Atramentous Detritus, Darrak was awarded a barony, and though Ravaella retained her title of Princess in the Natural World, she went by Baroness in the Feywild out of convenience and deference.

The Desert DarknessEdit

Ravaella was kidnapped during the events of the Desert Darkness and nearly sacrificed. She was saved by her lover, Darrak Silvertarn.


Beautiful and comely, yet slightly jaded with life, Ravaella is red-haired and violet-eyed, and is fair of skin, with the voice of ten thousand angels.