The raffles are a parasitic plant race. Raffles have the ability to spilt their injuries with other nearby raffles, allowing raffles to fight together as a pair more effectively.

Raffles are known to come in several varieties:

Raffle Throng- a huge mass of parasitized creatures all connected together in a fashion similar to a rat king.

Raffle Guard- these raffles can emit a soothing vapor that prevents enemies from attacking.

Raffle Darter- a raffle with a closed flower that can shoot poisonous darts. They are surrounded by a noxious poison aura.

Raffle Rotpriest- these raffles have stinking, putrid flowers. They are able to heal creatures upon their death.

Raffle Sovereign- a large raffle that can spew poisonous spores to daze enemies.

Raffle Swiftcutter- these small raffles have sharp thorny protusions instead of arms and attack by running past enemies and slicing at their legs.

Raffle Thornslammer- a raffle with poisonous thorns sprouting through it's fists. It can slam it's hands together to rain these thorns down on enemies.

Raffle Vinesnatcher- these raffles have long vines growing from where their hands should be. They can whip the vines to move enemies around the battlefield or lock them in place.