Humans: Notable Humans include Istoniel Maglangul and Vidrio Manchado.

Dragonborn: Notable Dragonborn include Ianmorn Silverclaw.

Doppelgangers: Notable Doppelgangers include Ispowon.

Dwarves: Dwarves are almost universally beloved on Istria. Notable Dwarves include Gringor and Radek Sunmarcher.

Bladelings: Bladelings have been rumored to raise Human orphans with the ability to mimic their Razor Storm racial power.

Shadar-kai: Notable Shadar-kai include Elyshathe.

Shifters: Notable Shifters include Arbor Redtooth.

Wilden: Notable Wilden include Vennerzad.

Elves: Nobody likes elves.

Thri-Kreen: Notable Thri-kreen include K'Artanyik.


Minotaurs: Notable Minotaurs include Trakas Cleavesong.