The politics of Istria differ with each civilization, and can even display high levels of variation within civilizations. In the modern era, each town and city is likely to have its own political system rather than the (comparatively) unified political systems of the empires of Arkhosia, Bael Turath, and Nerath.

Politics of Glidden Edit

Glidden is ruled by the almighty gold piece. As a major stop on the Great Migration, Glidden's economy is ruled by trade between migrating peoples. Its political system has evolved to foster an economic system in which trade is supported.

Politics of The Desert of Bleached BoneEdit

The Desert of Bleached Bone is ruled by tribes of thri-kreen nomads which collectively make up a clan. Thri-Kreen politics are based on socialist values of common ownership and cooperative management towards common social goals. Thri-kreen leaders are chosen based on their skills in hunting-skills which are beneficial to the clan as a whole rather than to a single individual. All political issues are directed with the good of the many as the primary concern. To thri-kreen, the best course of action is one which will benefit the group as a whole rather than the individual.

Politics of The Order of the Crimson RoseEdit

The Order of the Crimson Rose is a secret vryloka society that has branches all over Istria. It's members pledge to serve the Red Witch and manipulate the world to her desires. As extra security, during part of the initiation inductees must prick their finger with a raven's feather to prevent secret deaths from occuring. Disloyalty to either the order, or the Red Witch can be punishable by death.

Politics of GloomwroughtEdit