Gnolls are savage hyena-people with an unquenchable lust for blood. Gnolls will not think twice about attacking a helpless enemy, and will only back down from a fight when ordered by their leader. They almost unilaterally worship Yeenoghu.

Hierarchy is extremely important in gnoll society, with dissent punished by extreme forms of torture. However, as Ispowon discovered in the Hand and the Eye, gnoll torture chambers can be escaped from with quick wit, a sharp tongue, and a high Bluff mod.

The Gnolls of BarudnaEdit

The Gnolls of Barudna were a pack of gnolls who had infested the abandoned keep of Barudna in the wraithlands, from which they lead raiding missions to pillage nearby settlements. Among them were Heshmog, the leader, Grond, the dim-witted second in command, and Splugg, a gnoll low in the hierarchy who had a reputation for messing up. This pack was exterminated by the heroes of the Hand and the Eye in exchange for a reward from the mayor of Itzutu.