Elemental Chaos
Vital statistics
Type Fundamental Plane
Nicknames The Plane Below
Location The Planes
Gravity Elemental Buoyancy
Mutability Unstable
Elemental Races Genasi

The Elemental Chaos is the source of all matter and energy that makes up the rest of the multiverse. Along with the Astral Sea the Elemental Chaos serves to anchor the Material Plane, and its parallel planes, the Shadowfell and the Feywild. The Elemental Chaos is home to the primordials, eternal enemies of the gods.


The City of BrassEdit


Gloamnull is a city founded by genasi. In order to protect themselves from the titans and giants, the genasi began to worship the god Ktul, who gave them the power to defend themselves.

The Keening DelveEdit

The Ninth BastionEdit

The AbyssEdit

At the bottom of the Elemental Chaos sits the Abyss, a violent scar upon the plane which constantly vomits up demonic hordes bent of the destruction of all existence.