Vital statistics
Type City
Nicknames The City of Dragons
Location Cutland Bay
Population 16,000, Diverse, Mostly dragonborn
Government Dragon-Ruled, Controlled by Rhasvim
Defense All dragonborn citizens must serve time in the military, which is about 4,000 strong. The army also controls massive siege engines (originally used to attack the city) for defense.
Commerce As a port-city most goods and services are readily available.
Temples Platinum Shield (Bahamut), Court of the Law-giver (Erathis), The Sea Queen's Harbor (Melora)

Eilthyra is a large port city in Northeastern Oemberaen. During the empire of Bael Turath it was a tiefling stronghold, and one of the gems of the empire. Now, however, it is home to a significant dragonborn population who rule the city.

Notable ResidentsEdit