Curry Blackclaw is the dragonborn captain of the Venturer. She is a a brave mariner and ardent believer in the second rise of Arkhosia. Captain Blackclaw has a strong, charismatic personality, and she is able to rouse the spirits of her crew and passengers in even the most dire of circumstances.

The Jungle of RagnaEdit

Curry was sailing on a typical transportation voyage near the end of The Great Migration when a massive storm drove her ship nearly 400 miles off course. Suddenly, spires of rock began to errupt from the ocean floor around her ship. The Venturer collided with one and Curry would have lost the ship had it not been for the quick actions of a group of migrating adventures.

With their help, Curry navigated the spires and managed to anchor at Ragna Island. Soon after landing, she was met with an ambassador from the tiefling city of Lumbrea. There she and the party met with the marquess of the city, Zangretor Vicelord who informed them of a curse afflicting the island. Soon after the party left to investigate Curry was imprisoned in the dungeons benath the city and tortured by a pair of skeletal tieflings. They wanted her to reval any secrets about the defences of Eilthyra that she might know. She resisted their efforts and was rescued not long afterwards by the party.

After healing from her wounds, Curry led the party in the final battle on the high seas against Zangretor's fleet. She expertly sailed the Venturer right past the flagship the Retribution and enabled the party to leap aboard and take the ship.

With the battle ended, she was finally able to resume her voyage to Eilthyra where she took a much needed rest before heading on to more adventures.