Queen Connomae

Connomae, known only as the Mad Queen to most of her subjects, is the queen of the fomorians in the city of Vor Thomil.

Born a commoner, Connomae immediately knew she wanted to sit the throne. As clever as she was, she was able to gain entry to the palace as a servant. Biding her time, she got to know the princess and eventually befriended her. Time passed and the princess became queen. Unfortunately for her, Connomae had been plotting her downfall.

Over the years, Connomae had been practicing dark magic, particularly one spell concerning the transference of souls. Although there were a few failed attempts, she learned quickly and was ready for action. On the night of the princesses's coronation, Connomae struck her down. When the true Queen awoke, she found herself trapped in a magic circle with her so-called friend chanting an evil spell. She tried to fight back, but Connomae had her trapped perfectly. Then there was a bright light, a lurching feeling, and before she knew it, the true  Queen found herself trapped in her servant's body. As she tried to process what just happened, the Mad Queen called upon the dark forces which had granted her this power and the true Queen was dragged into the Abyss, a sacrifice never to be heard from again. 

Brimming with delight, the Mad Queen's first act was to open up the Colosseum, both for her own delight and to keep the dark forces on her side. As she becomes more attuned to the darkness, her mind becomes twisted, giving her the name she is known as today.