Vital statistics
Type Town
Nicknames The Vanishing City
Location Ragna Island
Population 7,000, Primarily Eladrin
Government Eladrin noble Marneiros Loreweaver leads the town from his walled estate.
Defense A high wall encircles the city, a small batallion of 500 soldiers protect the city.
Commerce Some trade with the tieflings of the island and other fey in the Feywild.
Temples School of the Learned (Ioun), Home of Fey-Father (Corellon )

Cendriane is a city on Ragna Island. A large population of psionic eladrin live there. Much of Cendriane was overtaken by Twistthorn Jungle during the events of The Jungle of Ragna. This included a large percentage of the Eladrin population being transformed into Raffles. Marneiros Loreweaver is the leader of the surviving population, who have taken refuge in an estate.

Notable CitizensEdit